"Rome, at the Olgiata Golf Club the combined Billiards and Golf with a dizzyng Hole in One. "


For the first time in the world there was a “Biathlon” competition, not on the snow, but on green cloth and meadows. In the prestigious Olgiata Golf Club in Rome last weekend a competition was held where the scores of the billiards were paired with those of the DIGA (Diplomatic and International Golf Association) Golf tournament: Race to Turkey, which was won by Ugo Fagiano with 39 points, the gross won by Stella Coppi. In the “Hole in One” ( a hole with only one shot in the par 3 of about 200 meters) at the 16 there was a prestigious billiard table up for grabs with a commercial value of 60.000,00 euros. The model B_ig of MBM Biliardi that is the leading company in the sector, based between the province of Rome and Frosinone and the one with the highest technology in the world. Only one golfer approached the hole with a ball that stopped at a dozen centimeters. The double tournament saw the participation of over a hundred players. This type of tender has become part of the DIGA top five and will also be presenta t the next stage that will take place at the Acqua Santa in Rome on September 21st. Satisfaction of the owner of the MBM Biliardi the President Mariano Maggio who during the award ceremony thanked the President of DIGA Antonio Stacchi who introduced him to the fashinating world and also thanked the Olgiata Golf Club which allowed thi experiment, well done, also considering the great the great participation of players all fascinated from the splendid billiard table. Moreover, it was announced by President Mariano Maggio an important participation of the MBM Biliardi in Moscow next october and to follow, another exit towards America. The winner of the various categories received high qality billiard cues. In closing the President Mariano Maggio expressed his hope that a billiard school could be created around the golf course: “because you go around the billiard table, you get kilometers as you do in the golf course”.

MBM Biliardi - 1° MBM Biliardi "hole in one" trophy by DIGA race to Turkey"


Golf, a billiard table of 60.000,00 euros in prize for “Hole in one” at the 16th hole of Olgiata Golf Club in Rome, in the DIGA stage. MBM Biliardi, the Rome industry that manufactures high-tech quality billiards, has entered in the Golf world with a billiard table worth over 60.000,00 euros up for grabs for the competition of Saturday 27 july at the Olgiata Golf Club. Among the players in the race who will be able to make the hole in one stroke (hole in one) at hole 16, a par three of 200 meters, in the Diga (Diplomatic and International Golf Association) Race to Turkey tournament, will receive a B_ig, MBM pool table (In photo) which has a value of 60.000,00 euros. Some examples like this are already in the possession of the powerful of the world: State Presidents, Kings, Queens and of great industrialists. An initiative, the one of the next Saturday, which establishes the entry in to the difficult field of Golf, which in these days is due to the invaluable collaboration with DIGA, Race to Turkey. The elegant and refined billiards that become precious design objects. A really important step for MBM billiards Company, located not far from Rome that produces billiards in Italy. For about 50 year is investing more and more on research and on the maximum perfection in the construction of the tables for the various specialties: Carom, Italian billiard, American pool, Snooker and Russian pyramid. The Green table, thanks to new technologies has become a perfect jewels to “handle with care” and it’s entry in to the world of Golf, with Golf association of diplomats in Italy, is the most classic demonstration of how this sport activity is relaxation and also is important for those who practice sports at high levels in order to keep up the level of attention in competitions. Billiards is one of the few sports that make us think and combine precision with the knowledge of geometric shapes, but is also a moment of relaxation perhaps after having traveled the 18 holes of the Golf course far and wide. MBM Biliardi has been the world’s leading manufacturer of billiards tables for over fifthy years. It is considered the largest and most prestigious manufacturer of professional and luxury billiards. MBM is today known nationally and worldwide for its products of the highest quality and design.

MBM Biliardi - Museum of Modern art MAMBO Bologna

The concept of the billiard table is explained on it. Graven on a brass plate: "Every time a ball will fall in this pocket, someone into the world will change idea about an important question in his life."

MBM Biliardi Milano

MBM Biliardi continues his tour in Cortina's most exclusive Lounge.

MBM Biliardi continues its tour in the most exclusive Lounge of Cortina, with the synergy created by Land Rover and Jaguar, to experience a unique moment, test the latest news among the most prestigious cars and enjoy moments of relaxation by trying one of the most exclusive Collection, the B_ig, Red version.

The champion is with us

We are pleased to inform you that the Italian champion specialty pool and 8-15, Sara Iannini, will collaborate with the MBM club in via bixio 89, Rome, organizing tournaments, school and many technical suggestions ...

Fiera del levante Salone Arredamento 2017

The 81st Fiera del Levante is the event where MBM Biliardi presents the new trends on its avant-garde billiards, always reflecting the Mediterranean tradition of the place with its warm and sunny colors but also the current Glamor and Fashion.

Also this year the Tennis Champions chose MBM Biliardi

And this year the TENNIS INTERNATIONALs in Rome have chosen the luxury, prestige and refined design of MBM BILIARDI. Our bestseller B_iG in the Lounge hall available to professional tennis players and all the international guests of honor ...

The Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2017 : Design and technology by MBM

For the eighth consecutive year, the MBM Billiardi will be presented at the Salone del Mobile.Milano 2017, that at its 56th edition has strong concern point in the design and decor in the international scene...


Charity event, the traditional Christmas Bazaar, organized by the Italian Embassy in Moscow, took place on 4 December at the Embassy in Villa Berg...

MBM Biliardi gives his “Bi_G” billiard for the exhibition inside the “DO UT DO” house.

DO UT DO, at his third edition, it’s a biennial event promoted by the Associazione Amici of Hospice Seràgnoli Foundation which aims to raising funds for ...

MBM Biliardi join the MAKER FAIRE – Rome 2016

Maker Faire it’s the most important show about innovation in the world.Mbm Biliardi will join this event with a innovative and special product...

Roman Summer hosts MBMBiliardi at Gasometro 2016

Set in the shadow of the extraordinary post-industrial scenography, that overlooks the Tiber Riverside Ostiense, “Gasometro”, a symbol of the roman area, called “Ostiense” , is an ideal bridge between yesterday Rome and vitality of today Rome...


INCOMING USA 2016’s aim is to promote in U.S.A. the Italian companies and Made in Italy of furnishing and design, facilitating meetings between Architects and Designers of most important design studies of U.S.A. with Italian artisan companies from central administrative Lazio Region. MBMBiliardi had the pleasure to meet preciuos design studies from different places of U.S.A. in luxury...

MBMBiliardi meets Roman Paraplegics Association

A really exciting day, full of love for the sport, happened a few weeks ago in MBM Biliardi company. The meeting between the AP Paraplegic Association of Rome, (Italy) and MBM Biliardi took place in the historical headquarter, in the factory situated in Paliano (FR), Italy. ...

The International Tennis 2016 TAKES IN MBMBILIARDI

Billiard table B_IG, crown jewel of Collection MBMBiliardi lands at the Roman Foro Italico ( famous antique sportive complex) on the occasion of such long-awaited International event “Tennis BNL edition 2016”, the unrefusable meeting for all fans and not only, of this miraculous and ancient sport...

MBMBiliardi brings its innovative billiard table lines at Milan International Furnishing Exhibition, also known as “ Milan Design Week”

Touch to believe... Also this year, MBMBiliardi will be present in Milan International Furnishing Fair, where will be presented new, elegant end innovative design products. From 12th to 17th April 2016, in hall 18 – stand D21, will be presented the rich range of modern design models...

“Fiera del Levante” Furniture Salon 2015

79th edition of Fiera del Levante is the event where MBMBiliardi presents new trends of Design and Technology of its own high performance billiard tables, reflecting always Mediterranean tradition with its warm sunny colours but also very Glamour and Fashion at the time.

The Shops at North Bridge 520 N. Michigan Ave, Chicago during 2015 Chicago Architecture Biennial

MBM Biliardi, Italian Factory and leader billiard company in the production of professional pool tables of high Italian design and obviously entirely Made in Italy is glad to invite You to view our products from November 08 to November 11, 2015 in Nordstrom - The Shops at North Bridge 520 N. Michigan Ave, Chicago during 2015 Chicago Architecture Biennial


MBMBiliardi will be present in MAISON & LORIS FAIR 2015 in EXPOVd’A – Aosta Terminal, where as always will show Innovations and Exclusive Design!...

Milan International Furnishing Fair 2015

MBM billiardi will be present at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2015, and as always present Innovations and Exclusive Design.