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                            OVERWIEW  ___________

The crown jewel of the collection...
exclusive billiard table

Billiard table  B_ig

The striking thing you see at first glance looking at this splendid billiard table B_ig of MBMBiliardi is definitively the design of external form. Such attractive and contemporary in its soft lines and sinuous curves.

Surfaces are coated in a very organic way and are molded in a way as if they were liquid, becoming immediately the element of a Project, which enchants the viewer. The billiard rails, as whole playing field, are entirely covered with a soft traditional billiard cloth.

                            DESIGN  ___________

Precious and innovative is the new MBM Biliardi pool billiard B_IG. The billiard of unconventional elegance that seems to defy gravity. "The Italian design is a design of invention, is a design where there is an idea which makes of every project an element of connotative difference." Flowing and elegant lines create this form, that MBM Biliardi high-tech construction experience uses, based on CNC high precision machineries in its 5000 square meters factory. These guarantee the flatness and the squaring of billiard slate to obtain a perfect rectangle. Realized entirely in solid wood and innovate in its edge, covered completely in fine and sturdy billiard cloth. All other materials and lines – the result of a sophisticated concept, capable to respect the tradition of a required functionality without giving up the more contemporary features.

The exclusive billiard table B_ig, produced by MBM billiardi and designed by Massimo Iosa Ghini, has won a prestigious Good Design™ Award 2011, bestowed by the "Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design" and "The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies". Recognized as the most authoritative program for design excellences around the world, the Good Design™ award is assigned annually to the most important designers and manufacturers to promote new and original concepts of design innovations, invention and originality. Thanks to its unconventional, futuristic and aerodynamic forms and the contribute of unique high technology engineering works of MBMBiliardi, the world’s top ranked high-tech company in its sector , B_ig billiard fully reflects the spirit of a sleek design concept, capable to respect the tradition and functionality to the game without giving up more contemporary features.

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                            INNOVATIONS ___________

Billiard MBM

The Pool Dining Table MBMbilliardi is realized with long time seasoned wood selected by high-quality masters of cabinet-making. The table is made according to laws of compensation, which permit the cancellation of the natural movements of the used material and ensures a perfect stability of the product over years.

The billiard table includes also the professional MBM regulators for slate and regulators of frame flexion. The elements of the billiard tables are manufactured by a computerized numerical control machinery, which ensures the perfect squaring and rectification of the playing field, bestowing a very high quality and technology to the billiard table.

Biliardo B_ig, synonym of prestige and highest performance!

                           SPECIFICATIONS  ___________
Seasoned solid beech wood
Aluminium ( ground fusion)
Natural leather
Certification MBM Biliardi
Finish matt
Finish semi gloss
Finish gloss brilliant
Structure made by laws of compensation
Construction of frame and rails is made by gluing of wooden elements. This increases the stability of billiard table over years.
Professional slate and flexion regulators.
Unique processing of MBM, made by CNC machinery. Insures the perfect rectification of playing field, fundamental for game of high precision.
Processing with our CNC machinery, which insures to billiard table the perfect rectangle.
Pool or American billiard
All kind of pool game is played on the table with large pockets. The table dimension is 6ft, 7 ft, 8ft or 9ft. There are used only 16 balls – one is white and others are coloured and numbered.
Pool or American billiard is a simple game, without a lot of claims but at the same time is very funny! Ideal for enjoying billiard sport with friends. Some kind of game: Eight Balls, Fifteen Balls.
Russian Pyramid
Is played on billiard table with narrow pockets. Dimension of table – 10 ft or 12 ft. Are used 16 balls, between them 15 are white and numbered from n.01 to n.15 and the remaining ball (used also as cue ball) is of different colour and it’s not numbered.
Snooker game, called also English billiard, is played on the billiard table much more than those we are used to see. Regulated size is 12 ft but is suitable also 9ft playing field. The billiard table has 6 pockets. Played with set of 22 balls and a cue with very strait shaft. The balls set is so composed: 15 red balls (to be collocated in triangle), 6 balls of various colours and one ball is white.
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