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The project of the factory MBM Billiardi, as we see it today in its special strategic location, near Rome and close to the highway “Autostrada del Sole”, between the exits of Anagni and Colleferro, is the result of a complex study, carried out choosing the best performing machines, some of which were designed and developed by MBM Biliardi it self. Only numerical control machinery, able to assemble and guarantee high quality pieces, ensures the success of an outstanding product worthy of MBM Biliardi. The inauguration of the factory in 1995 together with the start of the World Billiard Championship held in Italy, in Fiuggi city, has launched a tradition of experience for MBM.

Today our factory is still the most traded company in hi-tech sector, equipped with high precision CNC machinery. These machines, together with the accurate selection of raw materials and the scrupulous testing of our products give our billiards the highest levels of quality and reliability. Worldwide famous billiard champions visited our factory and appreciated our values and the quality we guarantee to the products. That is why our slogan is: “The Billiard Table cannot be purchased at random! Only MBM billiardi guarantees art and technology.” Naturally Made in Italy.