For the eighth consecutive year, the MBM Billiardi will be presented at the Salone del Mobile.Milano 2017, that at its 56th edition has strong concern point in the design and decor in the international scene.

The MBM with its innovative lines of pool tables could not miss such an important event in which always represent many companies, thanks to the innovative design concept that characterises each of its models.

From a careful technological based research combined with a sublime aesthetic search , arise the models of MBM.

Since 1972, MBM Billiardi is a leading manufacturer of premium high-quality game tables, designed to satisfy all needs by focusing on the exclusivity of the line, the superior quality of the materials and all the craftsmanship is Made in Italy. Not only billiards without equal  but products designed and custom-made, as the cav. Mariano Maggio, President of MBM Billiardi says: “The study of the design, the preciousness of the finishes, rigorous research of the best materials not only make the company MBM Billiards number one company but make our products truly unique jewellery “.

The pride of the collection, the exclusive Billiard Table B_ig, designed by Massimo Iosa Ghini for MBM Billiardi, awarded the most prestigious Good Design ™ 2011 by the “Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design” and “The European Center for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies “, one of the most recognized program for design excellence worldwide. Precious and innovative, billiard table B_ig is realised with long time seasoned wood selected by cabinet-making masters. It is built with compensation laws such as to enable the cancellation of the natural movements of materials, ensuring the perfect stability over time. An unconventional billiard table that achieves the perfect balance in the class, technology and seems to defy the gravity, as stated by Massimo Iosa Ghini: “The Italian design is a design of the invention, where there is an idea that ensures that the project has a totally different connotative element “. Lines snappy, aerodynamic and futuristic: the outer shell reminiscent of the curves of a yacht, while materials and lines are the results of a sophisticated concept, capable of respecting the tradition of a necessary functionality to the game without sacrificing the more contemporary traits.

This year the B_iG will be represented in a completely new look, an exciting stylistic innovation for the viewers of the international scene.

Brand new and innovative, which recalls the taste of tradition, the PRAGA model. Straight from New Collection CITY 2017, this pool model is presented as an evolution of the classic predecessor, from which it takes its name. The turned leg with art by masters of the oldest tradition of woodworking presents aesthetic and technical-functional features previously unattainable until now by the gaming tables. Combined aluminium breaks the traditional view of the turned wood, catapulting PRAGA in a totally innovative concept and stylistic admixture.

The Ziggurat model, which earned a success unprecedented in the last edition of the Salone del Mobile, this year is also proposed in a totally new version. The proof of the fact that, with MBM all you can think, you can achieve!

The Ziggurat is the perfect meeting between advanced and highest technical experience design: designed almost two decades ago by Massimiliano Maggio, it takes the shape of the ancient step pyramids. It has evolved twisting the base until it assumed the new line that currently characterises it. Designed to be used in championships at the national and international level, the elements of the billiards are manufactured by computerised numerical control machines that ensure the squaring and the perfect rectification of the game plan, conferring to billiard MBM are very high quality and technology.

Still, we have space for innovation and creativity from the younger generation. Like last year, the MBM Billiardi had a collaboration with the prestigious School of Design in Florence. From there it has selected one of the projects developed by the students during the a.a.2015-16. The TOKYO model, which will come to all intents and purposes in the production of MBM Biliardi, and also wiil be present in the innovative New Collection CITY 2017, is a billiard table with a futuristic design, which uses unconventional raw materials. Designed by Davide Barattini, a student of the academic course of Design of the University of Fine Arts in Florence (Laba), is a unique model of its kind, with simple, minimalist lines, will revolutionise your idea of Billiards.

Finally, the novelty of this 2017.

On this occasion of the Salone del Mobile, the MBM Billiardi will present the REVOLUTION. For the first time in the world a billiard table that is suitable to the needs of persons with physical disabilities. The project provides a mechanism that allows you to adjust the height of the table without changing the game plan. It’s a unique pool of its kind that will give the opportunity for all to compete with the various specialities.

This innovative prototype is the result of a fruitful collaboration with the Paraplegic Association of Rome and Lazio, protagonist in the realisation of a project. Achieving this goal will ensure all fans equal access to this wonderful sport, and the ability to also compete in the competitions of the highest level.

But not only a very high technology distinguishes this pool, but also a very futuristic and unique design. The look that distinguishes the MBM Billiards achieved, thanks to this project, the highest stylistic expression of a product not only functional but also beautiful!

Because MBM strongly believes that there are still a lot of ideas that can change the world.

We will wait for you from 4 to 9 April 2017, in Hall 18 – Stand D21